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Who We Are

At Tequila's Mexican Bar & Grill we have combined the best ingredients, expert chefs and phenomenal customer service to make an experience and ambiance that is second to none. 

Learn more about Tequila's story and what drives our passion for food and fun.

Our History

Tequila’s family has owned and operated this restaurant and has been bringing the Peoria area authentic Mexican recipes from the heart of Guadalajara since 2005. We take great pride in our traditional dishes being prepared with the freshest ingredients. Growing up in the heart of Mexico’s agave fields, our family has the experience needed to bring a vast assortment of fine tequilas to our Mexican Bar and Grill.

Tequila’s is pleased to bring you a family perfected margarita made with fresh fruit and quality tequila. 15 years in business and we are always proud to be bringing fast and friendly service to our loyal customers. 

Description Of Mexican Food

Tacos. (Tah-kohs) corn tortilla folded and fried crisp, filled with meat, lettuce, cheese and tomato. Enchilada. (En-chee-lah-dah) tortilla rolled up around beef filling topped with enchilada sauce and cheese. Burrito. (burr-ee- toe) Flour tortilla rolled up and filled with meat. Topped with mild burrito sauce and cheese.

Tamales. (Tah-mah-lays) savory meat filling steamed in corn meal casing. Quesadilla . (kay-sah-dee-yah) flour tortilla filled with cheese and grilled.

Chimichanga. (chim-eeh-chang-ah) flour tortilla filled with meat rolled and fried to a golden brown andtopped with our delicious cheese sauce.

Tortillas . (Tor-tee-yahs) thin corn or flour pancakes use as a base to many Mexican dishes.

Taquito dorado. (tah-kee-toe, douh-rah-douh) corn tortilla rolled and filled with meat, then deep fried to a golden brown.

Tostada. (tohs-tah-dah) toasted corn tortilla topped with meat, lettuce, cheese and tomato.

Chile poblano. (shee-lay, poh-blah-noh) poblano pepper stuffed with cheese, rolled in egg batter and pan fried.

Pico de gallo. (peek-ouh, dee-gah-yo) finely diced tomato, onion, cilantro and Serrano peppers, seasoned with lime juice.

Guacamole. (wak-ah-mole- eeh) smashed avocados mixed with tomato, onion, and lime juice, used for dipping or topping on your favorite Mexican dish. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with excellent food, drinks, and exceptional service with an atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home.

Each day we strive to provide a great customer experience by working to enhance our menu offerings and elevating our service to new levels of excellence. 

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