Descripción de la comida mexicana

 Tacos.  (Tah-kohs)  corn  tortilla folded and fried crisp, filled with meat, lettuce, cheese and tomato. Enchilada. (En-chee-lah-dah) tortilla rolled up around beef filling topped with enchilada sauce and cheese. Burrito. (burr-ee- toe)  Flour tortilla rolled up and filled with meat. Topped with mild burrito sauce and


Tamales. (Tah-mah-lays) savory meat  filling steamed in corn  meal casing. Quesadilla . (kay-sah-dee-yah)  flour tortilla filled with cheese and grilled.

Chimichanga. (chim-eeh-chang-ah) flour tortilla filled with meat rolled and fried to a golden brown andtopped with our delicious cheese sauce.

Tortillas . (Tor-tee-yahs)  thin corn  or flour pancakes use as a base to many Mexican dishes.

Taquito dorado.  (tah-kee-toe,  douh-rah-douh)  corn  tortilla rolled and filled with meat, then deep fried to a golden brown.

Tostada.  (tohs-tah-dah)  toasted corn  tortilla topped with meat, lettuce, cheese and tomato.

Chile poblano. (shee-lay, poh-blah-noh) poblano pepper stuffed with cheese, rolled in egg batter and pan fried.

Pico de gallo. (peek-ouh, dee-gah-yo)  finely diced tomato, onion, cilantro and Serrano peppers, seasoned with lime juice.

Guacamole. (wak-ah-mole- eeh)  smashed avocados mixed with tomato, onion, and lime juice, used for dipping or topping on your favorite Mexican dish.